Velotec Sports Newcastle Bicycle Workshop Focus Izalco Max - Velotec Sports
Focus Izalco Max - Velotec Sports

Focus Izalco Max - Velotec Sports

Take a look at the amazing photos from Ready Aim Media of the Focus Izalco Max Disc.

Rider Laura Renshaw
Bike Built and Fitted by Velotec Sports 
Thanks to Focus Australia and Two Wheel Industries for providing the bikes and support.

Laura has taken the first ride on the Izalco Max, below are her thoughts.

The Look:
The first thing that struck me was the overall neatness of the bike. Clean lines, tidy colours. I’m a sucker for a black bike, and the Izalco colours blend perfectly to fulfil my desire for a fast dark looking bike.

The Ride:
The first ride required a few stops and tweaks for the position, but after 30 minutes I felt at home on the bike.
The frame felt stiffer with responsive handling and braking than previous bikes I have ridden. When climbing, the bike does not give away its slightly heavier weight (compared to rim-brake frames, and feels light and travels well uphill). 

The Brakes:
The big change to disc road *gasps*!!
Disc braking is not new to me being a mountain bike rider. So far, so good with quick, smooth braking. The brakes will shine when tested in the wet, where carbon rim has left me concerned before.
After a few runs down our local climb SugarLoaf, it felt like I had great braking control. 

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