About us

Welcome to Velotec Sports.
"If something is worth doing it's worth doing well"
Cycling is one of these things; it is worth doing, it is enjoyable, it is freedom, it is a challenge and it is a lifestyle so why not do it to the best of your ability.
To assist in your cycling journey, Velotec Sports provides Training and Coaching, Mechanical Support and Exclusive Riding Events.

Founded by Luke Bagley in 2016 to assist, support and create a better cycling experience for riders of all levels. 
With a huge passion for his role in premium bike stores, competing in Mountain Bike / Road Cycling and Running events all over the country.

Velotec Sports has been formed to bring a new dimension to the cycling community providing the following services:

Coaching + Event Support + Group rides + Online training plans + Skills days
Essentially, Velotec Sports has a "cycling solution for every rider" 


Senior First Aid
Cycling Australia Level 1 Coach
Athletics Australia Level 1 Running
SRAM Technical University Certificate 
Bicycle Technician Certificate III
Trade Qualified Mechanic
Body Geometry Bike Fitter


Here at Velotec Sports we use and support the following brands and services.