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$80 Hire for 1 week (7 day)

Contact us to hire for longer sessions.

Reboots One Recovery Boots

The Turbocharger for Your Legs

Tight leg-fitting air chambers are filled gradually from your feet upwards, massaging your legs in a gliding motion. This helps your body get rid of the waste products from your metabolism (e.g. lactic acid) that are generated during workouts and accumulate in your muscles, causing unpleasant fatigue effects such as muscle soreness.

 Increase your performance
 Increase your speed
 Increase your agility


Put on Reboots + plug in

After closing the zippers, plug the multi-plug into the device.

Tip #1: We recommend using Reboots right after training for about 30 to 50 minutes.


Choose mode + Set time

Choose one of six different modes and set the time – this can be done by a fingertip on the touchscreen or via remote control.

Tip #2: Check out the available programmes.


Start + Relax

That’s it. Reboots will do the rest. Use your extra time and have a chat with your coach or other athletes.