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Blackburn Honest Digital Pressure Gauge 1-150psi 10bar Presta/Schrader

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The difference between too much and not enough pressure in your tyres can greatly affect your bike's ability to grip the riding surface and could result in less than optimum results on competition days. With a Blackburn Honest Digital Pressure Gauge you'll always be certain you're riding on the exact amount of pressure to suit your needs.

Focus On Rider-Specific Tyre Pressures
Longer-lasting, puncture-resistant tyres have allowed us to shift our focus to the advantages we can gain from precise, rider-specific tyre pressures improving our tyre-to-road-surface grip. Variables such as rider weight, road surface, riding conditions, tyre/rim width and tyre types influence the perfect pressure needed for your bike's tyres to perform at their best.

Amazingly Accurate
Try lowering your current tyre pressure by 5psi each week and record any changes in bike performance & distance times. The amazingly accurate Blackburn Honest Digital Pressure Gauge will help you to ensure these small incremental reductions in pressure are consistently maintained until you settle upon the level of pressure which gives the best results for your circumstance.

Packed With Great Features
This easy-to-grip, compact-designed product features an audible chime which lets you know when you're powered on, and when pressure is registered. A backlit screen makes it very easy to read info when checking tyres on a dawn raid or in a dimly lit garage and the handy 180 degree swivel head eliminates the need to contort your neck to see the screen face-on. This product is also Presta/Schrader compatible requiring no additional adaptors when swapping between the two valve types.

• Accurately measures psi volume in bicycle tyres
• Perfect for pressure-critical tyres
• Accurate within 1% of pressure
• Compact, easy to use design
• Clear digital readout
• Audible chime signals when pressure is registered
• Backlit display for easy to read data
• Swivel/Dual head provides 180° screen visibility
• Air bleed button releases pressure
• Presta/Schrader compatible
• Battery powered (2 x CR2032 included)
• RoHS compliant
• Loop for lanyard attachment

• Power: 2 x CR2032 batteries
• Height: 120mm | 4.75"
• Width: 38mm | 1.5"
• Depth: 25mm | 1.0"
• Weight: 72g
• Country of Manufacture: China
• Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty