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JetBlack smart trainer

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Smart, Wheel off Trainer.

Use Zwift or any training software with this smart trainer.

Indoor Training Perfection Introducing the VOLT™, an accessible and rider optimised, performance driven electro magnetic smart trainer. It has been designed with industry standard protocols and electronics to seamlessly connect with most popular training platforms. The Volt™ is extremely quiet and provides an exceptional riding experience. Exceptional Riding Experience The user feel has been significantly refined on the new Volt by drawing on the expertise of experienced riders and coaches after many months. Acceleration, Inertia, and applied resistance are what set Jetblack aside from other trainer companies, so what are you waiting for? Ride it to feel it. Ready to Ride The VOLT™ comes pre-assembled with an 11 speed cassette, making it super simple to start riding. No added costs and setup time, simply attach your bike connect and go. Power and Accuracy The JetBlack VOLT™ electromagnetic system can predict your wattage from very accurate algorithms. We have established an accuracy of +/- 2.5 is established and will be continued to be refined in updates to come. This level of accuracy provides an exceptional riding experience when free-riding or used with your favourite Apps.